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Pjotr Dobrodushin1, Lyudmila Kartunova1, Aivars Stengrevics2
1. “Urboekologija” Ltd/Riga, Latvia
2. MD “Latvian Cancer Registry” Riga, Latvia
The Volume Activity of Radon Gas (Rn222) in the Subsoil Air and Occurence of Lung Cancer
Abstract of 14th Nordic-Baltic Conference on Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics
Riga, Latvia, June 16 - 20, 2008

The article deals with the reults of the dependence of the mortality of population of
the Ķekava Parish (the Riga District, Latvia) on the heightened content of radon in the subsoil air of the area.

According to the data of radiogeology, the plutonic areas of the Earth are practically free from radioactive nuclides. The latter (under the impact of centrifugal forces) accumulate in the asthenosphere and the crystalline basement of the Earth.

Radon, a radioactive gas, is a product of the decay of uranium 238. Radon enters the Earth surface through faults in the crystalline basement and permeable areas in the sedimentary cover of the Earth. Radon hazards occur in the areas with permeable sedimentary cover and faulted crystalline basement.

The Ķekava Parish is an area with a high permeability in both the sedimentary cover and the crystalline basement. At present, scientists in different countries have identified correlation between a heightened mortality and occurrence of lung cancer of the population and high content of radon in the subsoil air of the area. Our task was to check that correlation in the territory of the Ķekava Parish.

The measurements of the volume activity of radon in the subsoil air of the area were carried out using the high-accuracy radiometer Alpha-Guard at stable atmospheric pressure in sunny weather. Every measurement lasted approximately one hour. The measurement index was calculated as an average value between the maximum and minimum indices.

The State Cancer Register provided reliable mortality data. The article presents the study results and obtained dependences between the level of the mortality of population of the Ķekava Parish from cancer and the level of the radon hazard in the area.



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