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Ph. Dr. Laimonis Ulmanis

   During the 19th and 20th centuries, the mankind has learned about the existence of emissions: radiation, magnetic, gravity. We learned that the emissions come from the outer space and the subsoil of the Earth, that all the space and people are full of emissions; people are responsible for a part of those emissions.

   Already during the 20th century, working with emissions, people understood that they could be both useful and very dangerous. The human organism can develop normally only at a certain strength of emissions.

   We already know today the ranges for all types of emissions that are safe for the human health; equipment exists for the measurement of the intensity of the radiation, magnetic, gravity field anywhere on Earth.

   Knowing the intensity of the field in an area and intensity values, which are optimum for man, it is not difficult to select areas, which are the most favourable for human habitation.

   The selection of areas with a certain intensity of the Earth emissions is necessary not only for the construction of dwelling houses. It is equally important for the correct distribution of animals, poultry and fish. It turned out that they are more sensitive to emissions than human beings.

   Knowledge about the physical fields of the Earth is also necessary for plant growing, since plants, like people, develop and give fruit at certain values of such intensity, while they are ill and die at other such values.

   The discovery of emissions, successes in geochemistry and biochemistry have completely changed the methods of territorial planning and sequence of the area development.

   If, before the 21st century, the following criteria during the selection of areas were decisive: their cost, easy transportation to centres and resource areas, aesthetic qualities, today the criterion of safety for human health and optimum character of soil for a certain type of activity are the main factors.

   It became possible to evaluate areas based on those criteria only thanks to the use of geological, geophysical and space information about the Earth.

   “Urboekologija” Ltd. deals with these problems.

   “Urboekologija” Ltd. produces conclusions regarding the feasibility of the use of certain areas for certain purposes, based on the analysis of geological, geophysical and demographic parameters.

   Areas of different size are investigated:

   Ŕ. Large areas: regions, districts, parishes, cities, towns – for the purposes of territorial planning, developments of functional zoning projects and recreational use of areas.

   Â. Small areas belonging to companies and private landowners – to ensure that an area is favourable for the construction of dwelling houses or development of certain types of activities.


The volume of work already carried out

From the moment of the development of a set of methods for geological, geophysical and demographic studies in the areas:

  • using the state and municipal funds , ten Latvian districts were investigated, as well as some towns and parishes.
  • using the funds provided by foreign PHARE and TACIS sources , the Aluksne District ( Latvia ) and Pechory District ( Pskov Province ) were investigated.
  • using the funds obtained from private companies and landowners , over 50 small areas in Riga , Riga District and other Latvian districts were investigated.

Main stages of investigations in large areas

    1. G eological, geophysical and hydrogeological investigations (carried out in co-operation with geological companies).
    2. S tudies of the tectonic structure of an area and level of its contamination, using space photographs (carried out in co-operation with geological companies).
    3. M edical-demographic observations of the population of areas under investigation.
    4. C omparative analysis of the changes in demographic parameters of the population depending on the geological and geophysical parameters in the area.
    5. D etermination of the recreational and spa potential of the area.

   The data of both Latvian and foreign investigations confirm the necessity of preliminary check-up of areas before their use for various activities. The purchase of land without finding out about its suitability for your purposes is also risky.

   Not a single sphere of the national economy can successfully develop without taking geological and geophysical impact into consideration; taking them into consideration is the most important for the prophylaxis of the human health.

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